The Marilyn Stafford
Poetry Post

The Marilyn Stafford Poetry Post

Shoreham Wordfest has worked with Adur District Council to establish a Poetry Post board to be placed in The Shoreham Centre in memory of Marilyn Stafford. Marilyn was a founder member of Shoreham Wordfest and she wanted to create somewhere prominent and accessible to display poetry. This has now been agreed and the Poetry Post will stand on the right side of The Shoreham Centre entrance holding a poem on either side of the board.

Suspendisse nec orci urna
The Marilyn Stafford Poetry Post​

Initially we are going to feature new poems by local writers, curated by Kate Collier, published poet and member of Shoreham Wordfest.  We will start In May 2023 by choosing two poems from poets who have already submitted and then will make it open to any local poets within the Adur area.  We will also be taking two poems for Shoreham Station. It will be at the Curator’s discretion which is placed where. Poems will be changed around every 2 months.

Information if you are interested in submitting a poem:

New poems will be put up in July, September, November, January, March, May. 

Poems will need to be submitted before the end of June, August, October, September, December, February and April.

The first ten poems submitted will be accepted for consideration if we have too many.

If your poem does not get accepted you are welcome to submit it again although this does not mean you get any priority consideration.

Poems need to be sent to

Format – please submit your poem according to these instructions:

  • The poems will be of A1 size (or A2 for the Station) with a graphic of your choice above the Title and Poem.
  • Poems should be a maximum of 16 lines and should be submitted in Word along with a jpeg image to complement the poem.
  • You are invited to write on any theme.
  • The poems need a Title at the top and your name at the bottom. You may add a book reference, website or Facebook / Instagram.

Recent Submissions

Annual festival

Shoreham Wordfest Festival 29 Seo -15 Oct 22

Shoreham Wordfest is a voluntary organisation and registered charity number: 1163258.