Shakespeare Festival

Following the great success and jollity of 'Celebrating Shakespeare 2016', Shoreham Wordfest, Shoreham's annual cultural and literary festival, are holding their second Shakespeare Festival this year.


Poems on Shoreham Train Station, Platform 1

Do go and see 4 lovely new poems by prize-winning Shoreham poet Tess Jolly on platform 1 at Shoreham Train Station

'Bridge of Shoes' ( a touching personal take on the protest shoes placed on Shoreham Footbridge last year)
'Valentine' ( a tender portrayal young families could relate to)
'Tiger' (a ravishingly sensual allegory )
'The Girl's Guide to Everything' (a love song to childhood memories)

All taken from Tess's superb recently published pamphlet: Touchpapers published by Eyewear