‘One lives in the hope of becoming a memory’

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018 to 26th October 2018

‘One lives in the hope of becoming a memory’
10:00 AM, The Shoreham Centre

Duration: 6hrs

Ticket Cost: Free entry* Open to the public.

Exhibition at Skyway Gallery
Patrick Burke (1932 – 2010)

The Skyway Gallery presents a retrospective exhibition of the late, Shoreham born painter and writer, Patrick Burke. This artist studied in Brighton and lived and worked there for most of his life. In 1957 he won the prestigious ‘Grand Prix de Rome’, which enabled him to study in a city he loved, an experience that greatly informed his work. Burke’s subject matter moves from the everyday to the imaginary and from figurative to abstract. This exhibition will be an exciting and informative opportunity to see a body of work that has been mainly kept in private collections.

There will be a talk about Patrick’s life and work on 15 October and two related workshops listed later in this brochure.