Please take your feet from off our necks!

Sunday, 14th October 2018

Please take your feet from off our necks!
5:30 PM, Ropetackle Arts Centre
Ticket Cost: £8

An entertaining anthology of song, poetry and reportage

Created and performed by Amaryllis Gunn with Libby Longhurst and Lucinda Cox 5.30pm Ropetackle Arts Centre.

The times are slowly changing on the rough and rocky road to equality for women. In Amaryllis Gunn’s new anthology, we hear the voices of the women, and men too, who have made us think, laugh, cry and helped us on our way.

From the suffrage movement to the end of the 1960s we hear quotes, headlines, stories, poetry and songs old and new. Comedy, topics of fashionable interest and of course, the inevitable commercial break!

The music will once again be compiled by JC Ortanna, whose music arrangement was so well received last year.

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