About us

We are a group of enthusiastic local writers and readers, who have got together with a shared passion for words written, spoken and sung. We have been working together since May 2011, with some changes as people move on with their writing or other life changes.

We welcome ideas, suggestions and offers of assistance. Please get involved, either as members of our association, as participants, or just sign up for regular information by contacting us.

Shoreham Wordfest is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registered charity number 1163258. The CIO Trustees are: Rosalind Turner, David Johnson, Tom Cutler and Siobhan O'Dowd.

Our Vision

A celebration of the spoken and written word, with readings and discussion, poetry, song, books, plays and other writings. We want a mixture of new and established writers, to inspire and intrigue, to entertain and stimulate. As well as bringing authors into the area, we will also focus on the considerable local talent we have in Shoreham and the surrounding area, to encourage new writing and to develop new readers and audiences. We want the festival to be very engaging and participative, aiming to have writing, reading and active workshops for all ages, links with schools and community groups, and also some high profile events attracting a wide range of people.

Shoreham WordFest Organising Group:

  • Rosalind Turner, Chair and overall programme coordination
  • David Johnson, Drama group, authors and festival development
  • Sue Walker, Writing workshops and author development; novelist
  • Polly Coles, Organiser
  • Annie Callanan, Fundraising and Festival Development
  • Marilyn Stafford, Lead on Poetry
  • Felicity Knight, Distribution
  • Tom Cutler, Organiser
  • Morag Charlwood, Author contacts
  • Janet Behan, Playwriting
  • Sally Sinclair, Website design
  • Janet Pressley, Workshops
  • Barbara Meredith, Poetry Trail
  • Dave Sutton, Brochure design
  • also....Pamela Driscoll, Rosie Garwood, Irene Hall, Marian Gerrett, Peter Bohanon, Carol Bohanon, Douglas Hill and Marilyn Stafford


Ropetackle Arts Centre, Myriad Books, City Books Hove, Shoreham Art Gallery, Barn Theatre, Edminson Butler, Old Star, Suters Yard, The Steyning Bookshop, The Ferry Inn, The Acupuncture Clinic, CPRE Sussex, AA Decorative Collection, The Foot Lady, Lancing College, Western Road Garage and The Mini Centre.